Every Summer I go away to a all girls camp called Heart O’ the Hills in Hunt, Texas ¬†for a month.

You can go for two weeks, but there’s different evening activities every night, so you’ll miss some things. For example, there is teepee night. Your teepee is your cabin. You all decide what you want to do, like one time we went canoeing to a campsight. (The campsight was for overnight, where you sleep outdoors.) My favorite one is when we had a paint balloon fight.

People come from all over the world. My best camp friend comes from California, and I knew a person from Austraila. Lots of our councilors come from England.

It’s such a rich and unique experience that whenever I come home it’s like I moved planets. There’s experiences that you can’t have anywhere else.

I have been to multiple camps, but this is the only one I went to for more than one year. In fact, next Summer will be my sixth year.


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