My Adorable Pets

I love animals, or at least enough that you can call me obsessed. I have two tiny dogs, one called Bella, which means beautiful in Italian, and one called London out of our memories of England. (My family lived in England for five or so years.)

To be honest, I’m not always this optimistic about them. For example, I had just taken her on a hike, and she was all muddy. I was realy tired, so I collapsed on the couch instead of going to my room upstairs. I was never planning to sleep, just sit for a few minutes but it doesn’t make a muddy song sitting on your face any better.

Overall, I love my dogs. For all of those cat lovers out there, it’s not that I don’t love cats. It’s just that my mother is allergic.

5 thoughts on “My Adorable Pets”

  1. Mackenzie-
    I love how crazy you are about animals! I am too! You always seem really excited for Thursday, when you go horseback riding. You are a great writer, and I look forward to your other blog posts!

  2. Hi Mackenzie,
    Your dogs sound very cute! Animals are a big topic for me because they are just every were in my life! That is really cool that your dogs name refers to a word in a different language. Some times I am not the best with cleaning my dog off after a muddy walk ether. What type of dogs are London and Bella?
    Have a wonderful day,
    If you forgot my blog URL

    1. Hi Kayley,
      It’s awesome that you enjoy animals too! To answer your question, Bella is a Cavilare King Charels Spanial, and London is half of that, and half of something we don’t know, but it might be poodle.
      Have a great day,

  3. Hello Mackenzie,
    You probably don’t know me, But my name is Brooklyn, I’m live in British Columbia, Canada. I’m in grade 6. I absolutely LOVE doggies! They are so cute?. I used to have a dog, but she passed away just before I moved. She was an American askamo, her name was Daisy. I also had too fish, one was named Mr. Colourful. And I can’t remember what my other fishes name was… And last but not least I had a Guinea pig, named Bailey. Well, I ❤️ Your post. ITS GREAT! Here’s my URL to my blog,

  4. Hi Mackenzie, its maddie. I really like your blog post. My favorite dog of your is London. And I didn’t know that your mom was allergic to cats. My sister is allergic too. I hope you have a great day and bye bye!

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