Why Amimals/Pets are Awesome

There are many things that are nessesary for life: food, water, shelter, I could go on. But what I think one of the most important ones, is pets.

I don’t just mean dogs and cats, even if they do matter. You can have a horse, a goat, a hamster, a lizard, a fish, even a snail. They can all change your life.

For starters, they are helpful. Like when you drop that one raisin on the ground, and your arms are full of other objects so you can’t pick it up, *bam* your dog ate it, leaving you one less thing to do that day. Or when your feeling extremely stressed, just watching your fish swin in circles can be calming. You want to learn a little more about life hand on, or just want to watch something cool, well watch a bearded dragon (a lizard) stalk a cricket down. It’s realy interesting to watch.

Other than being there whenever you need them, (because honestly, they can’t realy go anywhere else) they are realy good company. One time I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back asleep. I was getting bored when I saw my dog right next to me staring into my face. It was a little creapy, and she wasn’t allowed upstairs in my bedroom, (Mom wasn’t happy about that…) but she made my night. I realy needed the extra company that night, even if she was a dog.

Back to the helpful thing, but still in a different category, they can teach almost anyone a lot of responsibility. My little brother has never been so eager to do a chore. (He feeds the dogs.) They also get you into shape. I took my dogs on a two hour hike the other day. Okay, so maybe fish don’t get you exercise, but you do have to clean their tank. (I don’t believe in automatic cleaners and I never will. The tank is still dirty even afeter I place one in.)

You might think they are annoying, but honestly, you can turn anything they do into a laugh. Like when your dog is realy muddy and walks all over you; would you get mad, or give a big laugh and scratch that spot behind their ears. I didn’t enjoy when my guinea pig peed on me though…

All I am trying to say is, get a pet. They are the most wonderful and amazing thing that will happe to your life, no joke. I love animals, and I won’t think badly of anyone who doesn’t, but you realy are missing out. And if you are allergic to fur, get a lizard, a fish, a hedgehog, anything. They are all different, but all sweet and unique.

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