Training my Dog

I have two dogs: one I got when I was five, and the other I got two years ago.  Sense I got my first dog when I was younge, I never had the chance to train her, and now she’s a little to old/grumpy, but a new opportunity rolled my way when I got London two years ago.

Even though they were similar breeds they were completely different! London took about a year to potty-train even though we knew what we were doing. And to make it clear how frustrating this is, Bella, my other dog, was trained in two weeks. Luckily though, I was in school for the majority of her training, and didn’t have to go through that. Other than the fact that she took a lot longer to train, she is also the craziest and friendliest dog you can ever imagine, unlike Bella. This is usually a very big plus, but she would run up and lick the face of any stranger if they come bursting though our door.

To go back to the topic of my title, I decided to try and train London to do a few new tricks. It’s been an exiting proses so far, and it’s always amazing when she finally gets the hang of something new. It’s been lots of fun, but I’ve had to be very patient. Who wouldn’t? For all of those people out there with dogs who have already learned millions of tricks, congratulations, but for the others, good luck on trying.

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