A Interesting Pet

Out of all the animals I have known — dogs, horses, small pets, forest animals — there has only been one that struck me as a mystery.

He was a fish.

Yes, he realy was a fish. He was a Baita and dark blue. The day I walked into the pet store to get a new Baita (he wasn’t the first), I saw almost all of them looking unwell; tails were broken off in places, and they swam in slow, robotic circles. All of them… except for one.

He was speeding around his little container, looking heathy and bright. When I walked up to him, he just stopped and stared at me. His eyes got realy big, but not in a scared way, and he just kept looking at me. Naturally, I brought him and named him Wonder.

I don’t know what was up with this fish, but it was like he was trying to make me laugh. One day I came home and softly placed my finger on the tank to watch him, for I have always been fascinated by marine animals. He swam out of the window of his little house, rushed to the top of the tank, then down to my finger, back to the top, then back to my finger. And he did this for three whole muinuites! Also, whenever I brought out his fish food, he would swim to the bottom as if I would place the food down there.

Wonder realy was a mysterious fish, and like I said in the beginning, he loved to stare at people with those big eyes. I’ve never met a fish like him.

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  1. Good job using voice. I used to have a fish when I was a lot smaller he didn’t have a name. That’s weird that parts of the tail were missing anyway good blog post.

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