Why Audible is Awesome

I personally enjoy reading, but having books read to you somehow just draws people in in a completely different way.

For one, you can multi-task with it. For example, often I see people listening to music while walking their dogs, but I listen to Audible. Or sometimes while I’m doing homework, I can listen to a nice book as I solve math problems. Or sometimes, I just listen for fun.

It also helps you fall asleep. Everyone knows that reading helps you fall asleep, but in my experience, listening to a book does the same. Sometimes I’m realy tired, but can’t fall asleep, and don’t want the lights on, so I just fall asleep listening to Harry Potter.

Some people dislike reading, but for some reason enjoy listening to a book instead. I still don’t know why, but listening to a book is compley different than reading one. If the imagery is good enough, it sometimes feels as if you are in a movie.

One thought on “Why Audible is Awesome”

  1. Audible is indeed awesome! I ALWAYS have an audiobook at the ready to listen to while driving, cleaning house, floating around the pool…you name it! With Audible, books are my constant companions 🙂

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