My Adorable Pets

I love animals, or at least enough that you can call me obsessed. I have two tiny dogs, one called Bella, which means beautiful in Italian, and one called London out of our memories of England. (My family lived in England for five or so years.)

To be honest, I’m not always this optimistic about them. For example, I had just taken her on a hike, and she was all muddy. I was realy tired, so I collapsed on the couch instead of going to my room upstairs. I was never planning to sleep, just sit for a few minutes but it doesn’t make a muddy song sitting on your face any better.

Overall, I love my dogs. For all of those cat lovers out there, it’s not that I don’t love cats. It’s just that my mother is allergic.


Every Summer I go away to a all girls camp called Heart O’ the Hills in Hunt, Texas  for a month.

You can go for two weeks, but there’s different evening activities every night, so you’ll miss some things. For example, there is teepee night. Your teepee is your cabin. You all decide what you want to do, like one time we went canoeing to a campsight. (The campsight was for overnight, where you sleep outdoors.) My favorite one is when we had a paint balloon fight.

People come from all over the world. My best camp friend comes from California, and I knew a person from Austraila. Lots of our councilors come from England.

It’s such a rich and unique experience that whenever I come home it’s like I moved planets. There’s experiences that you can’t have anywhere else.

I have been to multiple camps, but this is the only one I went to for more than one year. In fact, next Summer will be my sixth year.



I’ve always loved board games; Monopoly, Clue, Life, but checkers has always been one of my personal favorites. You would think that if I love all these games, I would know how to play Chess, but no.

People always say Chess is the game that shows your wit. It takes strategy, intelligence, knowing your opponent. None of it is luck. But for some reason, it never appealed to me enough to learn how to play.

One day I had walked in the front door after school, happy to throw my backpack on the floor, when I saw it. My little brother, my six year old brother, the person I’m supposed to be smarted than, playing Chess! I stood there, watching him and my nanny making ridiculous shaped moves with a horse for a whole minute till it finally hit me that I wanted to learn.

That very night I learned how to play, and in that same hour I won a game. Apparently the only thing that can get me to learn how to play is to get my little brother in on it.

My Favoraite Books

I love to read, and these are my top ten. They arn’t in order, and they are from the top of my head, so if I left some out, it’s just because I forgot them.  Authough, if you don’t see a Percy Jackon, it’s actually because I didn’t read it.

Fish in a Tree

Harry Potter

The Hunger Games

The Thing About Jellyfish

Out of my Mind

In the After (the first one)

The Thickety

The Martian


The War that Saved my Life

Call me Hope





Okay, I love yearbook. It’s so much fun going out after school and taking pictures of smiling faces.

But when the 8th graders have a field trip, and there’s only five 7th graders in this class, it’s time for Nitro Type! (If your not following, we don’t have to do anything in class today.)

Authough, we have to wait till the last ten minutes of class to play it. So, I decided to write a blog post.

After a fun ten muinuites of getting crushed by my friends Katey and Kristy, I had to leave for history. But, afterwards I have Kids Helpng Kids, and they’re gone for the field trip too. So, now I’m in the library, talking about how I fail at Nitro Type. Just keep calm, and type slow.


I am nature,
beautiful nature.

I am the grass that tickles your toes.
I am the water when you turn on the hose.

I am the clouds that stretch beyond your eyes.
I am the bugs that you call flies.

Did you know I make you live?
It is all because of what I give.

I coil my branches and sprout leaves.
I grown in your garden in a form you call weeds.

You give me love,
but you kill my doves.

Why do you hate me so?

Horseback Riding

I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this before, because this is my number one obsession, but I am obsessed with horses.  I don’t own one, although I wish I did. But I still get to go to a stables and take lessons every week.  I do English, (there is no horn on the saddle, and I don’t go around barrels). I jump.  I know it’s not  a common hobby or sport (yes, it is a sport), but It’s mine, and I love it. Just keep calm and let the wind blow on your face.


Pixabay CC0


Dear School,

I spend eternity in your presence,

letting you feed me letters and numbers.

You make me who I am,

You make me who I want to be,

So why do you hate me when I love you so much?


I want to go home and have help on my homework.

I want ot absorb the wonders of your world.

So why do you hate me when I love you so much?


You take me in,

and spit me out.

Why am I not good enough for you?

Why did you decide I didn’t matter?

Why do you hate me when I used to love you so much?


I want to reach my highest potential,

I want to learn life lessons.

I had dreams once,

and you crushed them.

Why do you hate me so?


You stared into my soul,

and pushed me past my goal.

So now when you hate me,

I will hate you back,

and you can never change that.

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