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A Interesting Pet

Out of all the animals I have known — dogs, horses, small pets, forest animals — there has only been one that struck me as a mystery.

He was a fish.

Yes, he realy was a fish. He was a Baita and dark blue. The day I walked into the pet store to get a new Baita (he wasn’t the first), I saw almost all of them looking unwell; tails were broken off in places, and they swam in slow, robotic circles. All of them… except for one.

He was speeding around his little container, looking heathy and bright. When I walked up to him, he just stopped and stared at me. His eyes got realy big, but not in a scared way, and he just kept looking at me. Naturally, I brought him and named him Wonder.

I don’t know what was up with this fish, but it was like he was trying to make me laugh. One day I came home and softly placed my finger on the tank to watch him, for I have always been fascinated by marine animals. He swam out of the window of his little house, rushed to the top of the tank, then down to my finger, back to the top, then back to my finger. And he did this for three whole muinuites! Also, whenever I brought out his fish food, he would swim to the bottom as if I would place the food down there.

Wonder realy was a mysterious fish, and like I said in the beginning, he loved to stare at people with those big eyes. I’ve never met a fish like him.

Training my Dog

I have two dogs: one I got when I was five, and the other I got two years ago.  Sense I got my first dog when I was younge, I never had the chance to train her, and now she’s a little to old/grumpy, but a new opportunity rolled my way when I got London two years ago.

Even though they were similar breeds they were completely different! London took about a year to potty-train even though we knew what we were doing. And to make it clear how frustrating this is, Bella, my other dog, was trained in two weeks. Luckily though, I was in school for the majority of her training, and didn’t have to go through that. Other than the fact that she took a lot longer to train, she is also the craziest and friendliest dog you can ever imagine, unlike Bella. This is usually a very big plus, but she would run up and lick the face of any stranger if they come bursting though our door.

To go back to the topic of my title, I decided to try and train London to do a few new tricks. It’s been an exiting proses so far, and it’s always amazing when she finally gets the hang of something new. It’s been lots of fun, but I’ve had to be very patient. Who wouldn’t? For all of those people out there with dogs who have already learned millions of tricks, congratulations, but for the others, good luck on trying.

Why Amimals/Pets are Awesome

There are many things that are nessesary for life: food, water, shelter, I could go on. But what I think one of the most important ones, is pets.

I don’t just mean dogs and cats, even if they do matter. You can have a horse, a goat, a hamster, a lizard, a fish, even a snail. They can all change your life.

For starters, they are helpful. Like when you drop that one raisin on the ground, and your arms are full of other objects so you can’t pick it up, *bam* your dog ate it, leaving you one less thing to do that day. Or when your feeling extremely stressed, just watching your fish swin in circles can be calming. You want to learn a little more about life hand on, or just want to watch something cool, well watch a bearded dragon (a lizard) stalk a cricket down. It’s realy interesting to watch.

Other than being there whenever you need them, (because honestly, they can’t realy go anywhere else) they are realy good company. One time I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back asleep. I was getting bored when I saw my dog right next to me staring into my face. It was a little creapy, and she wasn’t allowed upstairs in my bedroom, (Mom wasn’t happy about that…) but she made my night. I realy needed the extra company that night, even if she was a dog.

Back to the helpful thing, but still in a different category, they can teach almost anyone a lot of responsibility. My little brother has never been so eager to do a chore. (He feeds the dogs.) They also get you into shape. I took my dogs on a two hour hike the other day. Okay, so maybe fish don’t get you exercise, but you do have to clean their tank. (I don’t believe in automatic cleaners and I never will. The tank is still dirty even afeter I place one in.)

You might think they are annoying, but honestly, you can turn anything they do into a laugh. Like when your dog is realy muddy and walks all over you; would you get mad, or give a big laugh and scratch that spot behind their ears. I didn’t enjoy when my guinea pig peed on me though…

All I am trying to say is, get a pet. They are the most wonderful and amazing thing that will happe to your life, no joke. I love animals, and I won’t think badly of anyone who doesn’t, but you realy are missing out. And if you are allergic to fur, get a lizard, a fish, a hedgehog, anything. They are all different, but all sweet and unique.

My Adorable Pets

I love animals, or at least enough that you can call me obsessed. I have two tiny dogs, one called Bella, which means beautiful in Italian, and one called London out of our memories of England. (My family lived in England for five or so years.)

To be honest, I’m not always this optimistic about them. For example, I had just taken her on a hike, and she was all muddy. I was realy tired, so I collapsed on the couch instead of going to my room upstairs. I was never planning to sleep, just sit for a few minutes but it doesn’t make a muddy song sitting on your face any better.

Overall, I love my dogs. For all of those cat lovers out there, it’s not that I don’t love cats. It’s just that my mother is allergic.