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Why Audible is Awesome

I personally enjoy reading, but having books read to you somehow just draws people in in a completely different way.

For one, you can multi-task with it. For example, often I see people listening to music while walking their dogs, but I listen to Audible. Or sometimes while I’m doing homework, I can listen to a nice book as I solve math problems. Or sometimes, I just listen for fun.

It also helps you fall asleep. Everyone knows that reading helps you fall asleep, but in my experience, listening to a book does the same. Sometimes I’m realy tired, but can’t fall asleep, and don’t want the lights on, so I just fall asleep listening to Harry Potter.

Some people dislike reading, but for some reason enjoy listening to a book instead. I still don’t know why, but listening to a book is compley different than reading one. If the imagery is good enough, it sometimes feels as if you are in a movie.

My Favoraite Books

I love to read, and these are my top ten. They arn’t in order, and they are from the top of my head, so if I left some out, it’s just because I forgot them. ¬†Authough, if you don’t see a Percy Jackon, it’s actually because I didn’t read it.

Fish in a Tree

Harry Potter

The Hunger Games

The Thing About Jellyfish

Out of my Mind

In the After (the first one)

The Thickety

The Martian


The War that Saved my Life

Call me Hope