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I’ve always loved board games; Monopoly, Clue, Life, but checkers has always been one of my personal favorites. You would think that if I love all these games, I would know how to play Chess, but no.

People always say Chess is the game that shows your wit. It takes strategy, intelligence, knowing your opponent. None of it is luck. But for some reason, it never appealed to me enough to learn how to play.

One day I had walked in the front door after school, happy to throw my backpack on the floor, when I saw it. My little brother, my six year old brother, the person I’m supposed to be smarted than, playing Chess! I stood there, watching him and my nanny making ridiculous shaped moves with a horse for a whole minute till it finally hit me that I wanted to learn.

That very night I learned how to play, and in that same hour I won a game. Apparently the only thing that can get me to learn how to play is to get my little brother in on it.