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Like many other things, electrinics is something that I have a very mixed opinion for.

First, they are entertaining. Playing a quick game on your phone on the bus, or watching tv when you’re bored. There are countless days where I wake up and it’s raining outside; I’m an outdoor person, but I’m not going to go and splash in the mud. So why not just pull out my iPad and play some games?

The other thing is, they are distracting. Sometimes I wish they just didn’t exist so I wouldn’t have the temptations to play them. I would so much more rather watch a movie than do homework, but I don’t. It also is a time-waster. I know it’s fun, but also I know people who have though that they were playing for only five muinites when they were playing for five hours.

lastly, they are useful. It’s better for the environment to do some assignments online. (We don’t have to cut down as many trees for paper.) Or you can use electronics to check the weather. Even cameras can keep memories for us.

I think electronics are good if they are used for the right things…but we can still play games on them every once in a while, right?