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There is multiple things that I don’t understand and/or don’t like homework, or think that it is a amazing studying tool.

First, I don’t understand why teachers say “since it’s a no homework night, you’re going to do the homework in class.” Isn’t homework supposed to be at home? It’s literally in the name.

Second, I don’t understand the point of homework that is the easiest thing in the world, but takes you two hours anyway becuase it is so long. I would much more rather some difficult homework that takes me a lot less time. Also, there are those few days where you get home, go to a basketball game or something, your family decides to go out for dinner, and you end up coming home around ten o’clock. You’re just so exited to lay in bed and go to sleep when you realize there is a stack of homeowrk to be done lying on your kitchen table.

Third, homework is an extremely nessesary thing, or at least in my opinion. I would fail every single math test is I didn’t have homework; watching the teacher do all of the problems is just not enough. Homework is studying, just in a form where it can be complete or incomplete work, unlike studying. For another example, I can use the vocabulary packet instead of flash cards or quizlet. Flash cards don’t really help me, so there’s another reason why I want homework in this world.

Overall, I don’t know what exactly to think of homework. It’s nessesary, and I don’t mind doing it sometimes, but I also wish my dogs enjoyed the taste of paper sometimes, so they could eat it for me. Exept for the fact that everything is online these days and I could just print another copy. Homework, you can like it or hate it, but you do it anyway. Have a fantastic day everyone, and I hope you don’t have too much homework today.