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Okay, before you read this and judge me, I want to point out that I was only seven. I also was living in a different place at this time, so I wasn’t in Autstin. Also, if you don’t know by reading the title, this is a story about me getting lost.

It was another dreadful day. The sky was dull, but the sun was too bright. It was warm outside, but wind kept picking up, and that was cold. It was as if the world just wouldn’t make up its mind. But never less, I was happy that it was going to be another whole day of laying in bed and watching tv, but no.


I was outside in the smelter in heat, riding my bike further and further away from home. My family loves to take long walks. We finally turned back, and I took the first chance I got.

“Hey Mom, sense your walking, and I’m riding a bike, can I just ride my bike home by myself? It would be so much faster. I know the way.”

“We’re realy far from home, you’ll get lost.” I grumbled the next few hours, annoyed on spending my one of my two days off from school taking a five hour hike. When we were close to home, I asked again.

“Now can I ride my bike the rest of the way home? We’re almost there.”

“Okay, okay, fine. First go straight, then…….and take a left at Bella Road, and……” I listened carefully to her directions, and took off.

I peddled as fast as I could, knowing I would be home soon. Finally I came to a halt, trying to remember the directions Mom told me on how to get home. ‘What was I supposed to do now? Take a left at…Belvery road?’ The sign right in front of me was Belvery Road, so I took a left and carried on my way.

Have you spotted the mistake? My mom said to take a left at Bella Road, I took a left at Belvery Road.

By the time I got home, it was extremely late, I had talked to a lot of strangers for directions, and my mom was worried sick. I don’t remember much after that, but I guess it was a bit of an adventure.