Why I Need A Backpack Pass & Why They Should Be Allowed At School

Running late to class because you couldnt open your locker? Or maybe it was because you had to grab different supplies, and it took a minute to switch out your stuff. What about hallway traffic and you still have to go by your locker to get your things? Well, fear not there’s an amazing solution to your problems: A Backpack.

Backpacks are banned from WestRidge and its horrible. Of course you  can still bring them to school but once school starts and your here the loud annoying ring, you say bye,bye to your back pack and hello to your heavy books.I’m one of those people that do carry around their backpack just because most of my teachers allow it. But three of my teachers just might give you a referral if you bring it in by “accident” on too many occasions.

I know that there’s such thing as a backpack pass, but my pricipal and the vice principals and the student counclers will not give them out. And they alwase say “just get a backpack pass” but they won’t even give me one! And that’s hypocritic! But I do have one for 7th period on Wednesdays because I have to leave early.Also, no one would be late to their classes witch would help them not keep adding up their tardys,witch, would mean if they get to many they can get Saturday School *dun!* *dun!* *dun!*

So there are some of my reason why I need a backpack pass, and why they should be allowed at school.

One thought on “Why I Need A Backpack Pass & Why They Should Be Allowed At School

  1. I think that not having a backpack help for skills in college. For example, when you actually have multiple textbooks and a laptop that you need to carry, you can’t just stuff it in a backpack and go on. You have to learn to carry thing and still be efficient at your work.

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