The Move


n the summer of 2018, I moved to Austin, Texas, from Menlo Park, California. Most people fly to their new destination, but we didn’t. We went on one of the craziest adventures of my lifetime, we drove here. It took us two and a half days to get here, but we did stop and stay at hotels over night, and occasionally some places to eat and go to the restroom. Other than that, it was a very long drive.  We drove through multiple states, one that I haven’t been through before. It was so exiting to see the new, unfamiliar places the U.S. has to bring us. It was kind of boring though, flat, then mountains, dry, hot, nothing around, but I got some very cool pictures on my camera. It was a rough drive here, especially with 4 animals, one baby, and 7 other people(not including the baby, but including me), in the cars with us. Texas is similar to California in some ways, one way is, Texas has some cities and towns that have the same names as towns and cities in California. For example, Sonora, Bakersfield, and more. The weather here is way different than the part of California I lived in. It is way hotter here, lots of unexpected rain, lots of lightning and thunderstorms, and super humid. There are also a lot of bugs. But I will hopefully get used to them. The adventure here was crazy, but a once in a lifetime experience, that I will never forget.

Map of Route From California to Texas.

2 thoughts on “The Move

  1. I love how you included the map. My first summer here was very humid as well. That is not typical!! Usually it feels more like a drought– not quite the tepid climate of Menlo Park, but luckily it usually isn’t this humid. Hopefully, the humidity will leave us soon.

    What places did you enjoy the most in that drive. My family loves to take road trips. We have actually done your route 4 times!! Did you get to see Death Valley or the Grand Canyon? I find a lot of West Texas is VERY BORING to drive through.

    1. Unfortunately, we did not get to go to any special places, and we rarely got out of the car. So I don’t really have favorite destinations YET.

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