About Me

My name is Madison. I have recently moved to the amazing Austin, Texas from Menlo Park, California. I have two siblings, my baby brother(9 months), and my little sister(10). I am twelve years old and in seventh grade, and I turn thirteen in two and a half months. I have moved many times, but this is the first time I have moved out of the state. Austin is great, but I still miss Cali a lot. I love to dance and cheer, and I did this all with my best friends in California. Hopefully I can bring back this memory in Texas and do the same with my Texas friends. I am looking for some
great dance and cheer studios, but I haven’t found any yet. I also have three cats and one puppy. I drove here from California on July 9-10 it was a long, long drive. We drove for two and a half days with all of my family and pets. We drove three cars and had grandmas in the car with us. It was a crazy and fun experience of a lifetime. Now that I live in Texas, it is very hot, and has a ton of weird freaky bugs, but I love Austin, except for the fact that in California we didn’t say y’all, ma’am, or sir, so I will have to get used to saying that. My new school is way different than my old school. At my old school, we didn’t have lockers or a cafeteria, and everything was outdoors, but it was colder there. So far I miss Cali a lot, but Texas is great too. Texas is very confusing though, but that’s okay.