My ISR book

My ISR book is called Finding Audrey, by Sophie Kinsella. It is about a 14  year old girl named Audrey who has an anxiety disorder. She got the disorder from an unfortunate incident with some mean girls. She wears dark glasses everywhere she goes because she finds it difficult to make eye contact with other people.  She works with a therapist named Dr. McVeigh, who also goes by Dr. Sarah. When she meets one of her brother’s gaming teammates, Linus, she builds a friendship with him. Linus and Dr. Sarah help Audrey work through her condition. Before Audrey met Linus, she couldn’t even leave her house without having a panic attack. But Linus convinces her to go to Starbucks with him. They go to Starbucks a few times, and he challenges her to try new things, like talking to people she doesn’t know. Her progress improves the more their friendship grows. Eventually, she even takes her dark glasses off. I recommend this book because it is very funny and inspiring.

This video is a review of the book by the author. She talks about her connection with the characters and her connection with the story. She says this is her first book she’s ever written for young adults and she enjoyed writing about teenagers.

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Westlake Soccer

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Soccer is a game of practice, skill, technique, and aggressiveness. It is my favorite sport. I play for a league called FC Westlake. My favorite position to play is striker. I also like to play keeper, left midfielder, and right midfielder. My favorite thing about striker is scoring goals. My favorite thing about keeper is diving on the ground and making great saves. I also love to punt. My favorite thing about midfielder is sprinting up the field and outrunning all the defenders on the other team. I like to be aggressive, but you can’t be too aggressive or you’ll get a foul. I have soccer practice twice a week, and games on weekends. During games, we play with 11 people on each team on the field at once. We usually have 2-4 subs. Our team doesn’t always win, but it’s the effort that counts. Soccer takes commitment and lots of hard work, but it’s very fun and rewarding.

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