Three Things You Need To Know To Survive 7th Grade

Are you an incoming seventh grader?? Are you scared?? Do you not know which electives to take?? Well, if you follow these three easy steps you’ll survive seventh grade.

School Hallway

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Keep your locker organized and clean. Don’t take up space when not needed. Buying those shiny chandeliers will take up unnecessary space. They may look good, but they definitely don’t help. If you want wallpaper only put it on the door. If you put it on the sides and on the back it can easily get crumpled up and tear.

Phil's Easy and Quick Chicken GumboCreative Commons License

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Make sure you choose your electives according to your interests and not your friends. For example, if your friends take robotics and you like Teen Skills, take Teen Skills. Teen Skills is really fun, and if you like crafts and cooking it’s a must. If you take athletics make sure you can make the games/meets for the sport. Otherwise you will be stuck doing off season, working out, and conditioning.

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Make sure you have all you materials when you go to class so you don’t risk a tardy. Tardy’s add up! If you get too many it will result to Saturday school. Also, you can get awards for perfect attendance. Another positive outcome of being on time is impressing teachers.

This post was created by Jessie and me!

Who Wins?

Who Wins? Apple or Samsung?

Both of these companies are great. They have thrilling technology, stunning service, and “phancy” phones. They have their signature themes. Apple with their i and Samsung with their Galaxy. Although they both have positive outlooks, Apple is better than Samsung.

Apple always excites the world with their flashy products. Every device is something brand new. The colors, the looks, the updates –all will convince you to replace your money with a new phone. Apple was the beginning of a new technological era. You’ve got to love that smiling, informative face you see when you walk into the store. They treat you like you’re their only customer.

Samsung is another company that creates many devices. Although they have some pretty great products, their colors are not as inviting as Apple. Additionally, their set-up can be very confusing to some. Also, they’re not as popular and cutting edge as Apple.

Over the years, Apple has stayed well above Samsung in the stocks department. So, as you can see, Apple is a much better choice Samsung. So, in conclusion the winner this week is Apple. And let’s be honest, Apples even taste better than Samsungs. 🙂

Written by Jessie and Manya.

The Cat

By Me

His body was spiky
And gray
And shaking
And as he passes the mouse
He turned
And snarled at the creature
That was dead and dying
And I saw the flash of bloody whiskers
And yellowed sharp teeth
And eyes of stormy blue
Stern and rude and peaced
Then out of the grass
With that same gray fur
Gliding through the dirt
He pounced– That strange being
Spiky, gray, shaking,
Part tiger, part lion,
Part neither– for he was filled with hate.

inspired by The Shark by Ediwin John Pratt







A fright in the night

As the moon is bright

Alone in the dark

Alone in the park

You hear a whistle, a whistle with no source

As the wind, the wind takes its course

Flowing through my loose hair

I step on leaves causing them to tear.

Crunch Crunch

-Manya Shah, Forest


I posted this poem a while back, but I wanted to explain what it’s about. This poem highlights the mysteries, excitement, and eerie calmness, of an October night. I used the techniques of rhyming, onomatopoeia, and show not tell.  I started with a general line and ended with a zoomed in perspective. Make sure you comment on your view of this poem!


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Austin is the musician’s paradise. It’s the destination for the kid looking for some fun. It is the right place for you. Here are just three of the amazing attractions in Austin.


H.e.a.t.Creative Commons License

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This is just the place for hanging out, discovering new stars, or just looking for a good time. Music blasting through the park, people covering the grounds, and lights coloring the night sky, ACL is the perfect destination for everybody.


This is the sign greeting guests at the Tejas Rodeo in Bulverde, Texas.

Len Radin via Compfight


This is absolutely, without-a-doubt, the best place to go for some adventure. Millions of exhilarating rides cover every corner. The carnival season even has a little of a Texas touch to it! If you’re looking for a little of the native feel, and if you want to experience some adventure, this is the place to go.

From the window to the wall... Lil John and Ludacris at SXSW earlier this morning.Creative Commons License

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This is another time to appreciate the variety of music. Austin has the best live music, and here is the time to see it. The music here is unique in its own special way. The guitar solos, the drum rolls, and the eager voice is enough to grab the crowd’s excitement. If your looking for new music, and an enthusiastic crowd, SXSW is for you.

The Figure

The screen went black. The lights flickered. An eerie glow filled the room. What’s happening? The girl next to me turned and looked at me worriedly. The instructor in front had stone dead eyes. Usually this happens once a week, but lately it’s been happening all the time.

The instructors don’t remember anything. Only me, Amber, and Rosalie remember anything. Every time this happens, a dark figure creeps into the class. It’s a hole in their memory. The instructor always tells us nothing happened. I try to believe them but…

The lights turn back on, and everyone snaps back to attention. It’s like nothing happened. The teacher returns to the lesson with a flat voice. I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m going to find out.

Taylor Swift vs. Selena Gomez

Who wins? Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?

have matured in a way: Taylor Swift with her new pop album 1982, and Selena Gomez with her album Revival. Both are electric-pop, and both are unique. They have different voices with passion. Although both are great, Taylor Swift outshines Selena Gomez overall.

Taylor Swift is a classic artist discovered for her voice. She has a mix of country, pop, and a little hip-hop. Swift is a versatile musician. She writes songs, plays the piano, rocks the guitar. Swift is a role model for girls everywhere. She helps out in charities, such as the Red Cross.

Selena Gomez was discovered as an actress. She starred in Wizards of Waverly Place, and then began her singing career shortly after. Gomez has a voice that changes throughout the songs she sings. She has songs featuring other artists. In our perspective, Gomez is not a good role model. According to, Gomez helps in 15 charities. Swift helps in 28 charities.

As you can see from our points, Taylor Swift is a better artist than Selenay Gomez.
I hope you liked our post this week!

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Twilight vs. Harry Potter

Who Wins? Twilight or Harry Potter?

Although the recent polls may suggest otherwise, in our opinion Twilight is a better series than Harry Potter. With the creative creatures, detailed description, and incredible imagery, Twilight is the perfect book.

Twilight is the classic love story of a teenage girl and a vampire. The adventures are never ending, and novel characters are introduced in every book. You’re always at the edge of your seat. Plot twists at every page you turn, chapters leaping into your mind, and imaginary illustrations popping out along the way. As USA Today states, “Move over, Harry Potter.”

Harry Potter is a tale of a young boy and his journey to becoming a wizard, while conquering evil. It might be appealing to some, but not to all. The plot slows down a lot. Sometimes nothing interesting is happening. The story was even confusing at times.

Based on this, it is evident that Twilight is much better. Comment below on which one you like better. (It better be Twilight!) 😄

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of Who Wins? featuring Selena Gomez vs. Taylor Swift!

Written by Manya and Jessie. Be sure to check out the blogs!!

Membean vs. Packets

Membean is an online website that helps study vocabulary words. Vocab packets are packets that test your knowledge on Vocabulary section by section. Membean or Vocab packets?

I feel the packets are more effective. Quizlets test the packet’s words. The Quizlets can test you over and over again, but Membean tests the words I most often know. I also like the packets, because I get to work on analogies, writing, and usage. I personally think that indentifying the word by a picture isn’t practical. Many words can describe a picture. It’s difficult to recollect and remember all the words you’ve learned on Membean. Also vocabulary packets can be kept with you and reviewed again. If you forget a word’s meaning, you can easily just look it up, and recollect. On Membean you have to go through all the steps again. Membean section the words you learn into groups: beginner words, words for tests etc. Even today, I struggle to find the meaning of one word, that was popular in the “test day” category. So as my argument support, Vocab Packets are better than Membean.

What would you choose?

The Other Side

The world is no more, and I’m the last one standing.

Chrissia. That’s my name. Last year, exactly 234.5 days ago, a black hole landed on Earth. There is no Earth anymore. Along with Earth, everyone, everything, got sucked up with it. As far as I know, I’m the only one who survived. There is nothing here, but I have to find my family. I have to find my best friend. I have to find my life.

The world snatched my life in one moment, but I’m going to get it back. The world is a different place since the Bright Lord took over. It sounds like a good thing, but it’s all for show. They promised us a better life, a better future. None of that came true.

A scientist named Alfred Stockhome, took discovery to the next level. He created a magnet so strong, it could potentially bring a black hole to our home. The Bright Lord tested it out and here we are. The magnet was destroyed into pieces when the hole came.

Now we are on the other side.