Calligraphy !!

This summer I learned calligraphy! If you want to learn calligraphy I definitely recommend this video. In this video she explains the things you should do while writing in calligraphy, she also explains the things you should do while writing. If you are planning to learn calligraphy I hope this video helps! one of my […]

Singing !

                                      h I chose singing because I love singing! I love the way singing shows off your voice! Right now I like singing lower but I’m in the middle of high and low. My favorite artiststo sing from […]

Succulent Decor !

              One of my favorite things to add to a workspace or room are greenery! A great thing about greenery is that it goes with almost anything! A great way to use plants for decor are putting plants in vibrant-warm orange plant potters that you can find at your local crafting store with a mint […]