Phantom’s Lair

Tape is over my mouth.

Blindfold over my eyes.

Who brought me here?

I’m in some sort of cave. It’s cold. I hear water drip down from the ceiling.  A few torches.  Barely any actually. A hand Quickly rips the tape off. A sting quickly follows. The man slowly takes off my blindfold. I see the end of the cave in front of me. I’m too scared to look back and see the entrance.

The walls have something written on the in red. Not words just symbols… heads floating. Bones scattered. Names and dates.

The jagged rocky surface under me is inflicting a huge amount of pain.  My knees ache, but I’m too afraid to move. The man slowly comes around me.

Thump… Thump… Thump…

I see a figure dressed in all black. Not a single bit of skin showing. My nerves start to ease up knowing he’s not behind me. I feel safer seeing him. He starts to slowly move twards me. My heart stars racing. He picks up a rock. He gets a good grip. Still walking twards me.

Thump… Thump… Thump…

He looks at me for a few seconds. As he does this I grab a nearby torch. I hold it up. He starts backing away. Quickly. Then disappears.

3 thoughts on “Phantom’s Lair”

  1. I like how you wrote the paragraph that begins “I see a figure. . .’. Did you realize that those short, choppy sentences help to create tension? Longer sentences would be too familiar, too relaxing for the reader. Your blend of complete (short) sentences and fragments accomplish the same effect. Terrific job! (I’m a high school English teacher in England.)

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