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13 reasons why

13 Reasons Why is lit! If you don’t know what 13 reasons why is, it’s a show on Netflix about a girl who kills herself but leaves behind 13 tapes on why she did it. Each tape is about someone… Continue Reading →

Spooky story

As jack opened the creaky wooden door, thunder struck outside from the huge thunder storm. All the old locals told him not to go into the old house on spooner street, but they never told why. This place has been… Continue Reading →

spring break

Spring break is in 7 days and I can’t wait. Now most people go skiing or to the beach or hiking but me? I am just going to stay at home and Pig out on the couch.  I will probably… Continue Reading →

my dog

It was Super bowl Sunday morning when I woke up from my front door being slammed and hearing footsteps coming towards my room, about a second later my mom busted into my room holding my dog, Roxy and a towel… Continue Reading →

Homework sucks

I really don’t get why teachers give out homework      Why do teachers give out homework it makes no sense.          They give us a paper of what we had a lesson on in class and… Continue Reading →


Shoes I’ve started buying a lot of shoes, I don’t know why but I’ve gotten very interested In shoes. I have about 6 pairs right now and I’m saving up for more. The pairs of shoes that I have right… Continue Reading →


National Championship As football season was winding down there were only two teams for the college national championship, Clemson and Alabama. I was going for Clemson the whole time, but it was an amazing game. I wasn’t a big fan for… Continue Reading →

christmas list

Christmas list: For Christmas I’m not going to ask for a lot but the things I want to get are kind of expensive. Here is what I want,   1. Jordan 3 true blues for normal shoes 2. Kobe 10’s for basketball 3…. Continue Reading →

Cheese cake

here is a very deep poem about cheesecake    Cheesecake you are yummy in my tummy you make my stomach feel funny After i eat a pound of you You make me feel crummy *gobble gobble* oops I just ate… Continue Reading →


parasailing by marlowe fokken It was a cold summer morning in Bogota,Colombia. As we woke up and got ready my dad called a cab, It took about 20 minutes to get to where we are going, but in the distance I… Continue Reading →

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