Like A Thousand Diamonds

Like a Thousand Diamonds


As my eyes start to adjust I see the shining sun

Twinkling on the water like a thousand diamonds


We were off

Headed to the deep sea


The crash of the waves against the side of the boat,

The giant splashes of the dolphins jumping


And the sound of doors flying open and slamming shut

As people from out on the deck yell for the next person to real in the fish


The worn out looks on their faces, and the stressful pulling on the fishing pole

But the fish pulled away and refused to get on the boat


Finally…..our faces lit with excitement as people rushed over to pull up the fish


After the excitement died down we all felt the exhaustion rushing back to us

It was time to go home


After a long trip back, I hop off the boat and slowly rub my sleepy eyes

As I try to open them I see the dim sunset twinkling on the water

Like a thousand diamonds


I chose this thing I love  because I love the excitement and fun of this activity.  In this poem I repeated a line from the first stanza and the last stanza.  I always have so much fun doing this activity so I’m glad I could share it.

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