September 17

An Apology Letter…

Dear Mary,

Sorry I wake you up at 5:00AM every morning, but a dogs got to eat!

I’m sort of sorry that I like to eat acorns everyday and then throw them up on your somewhat nice (now disgusting) carpet, though you seem to forget I’m an acorn addict.

I’m “HIGHLY” apologetic about blanketing all of your clothes, room, shoes, and basically your whole life with my beautiful, exquisite, black hair. However to be honest you should be thanking me, I mean have you seen your wardrobe?

I guess you expect me to apologize about spreading trash all over your room, but I won’t because I was just redecorating!

Oh yeah and as of right now I’m destroying your backpack that you love, just thought you should know.

Love the best thing that has ever happened to you,

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