September 28

A Fall Rant…


(Disclaimer) if you get offended by rants easily, you should probably never read my blog posts again! You’ve been warned…

Fall is a magical time of the year. Streets covered in reds, browns yellows, and purples. Neighborhoods lined with pumpkins and squash. The fashion seasons newest sweaters and boots waiting in every store window. There’s nothing like it! Well at least for some people…

Here in Austin, TX, fall is nothing but a lie. Streets covered only in acorns, and dead rodents. Neighborhoods lined with regular, green trees and pollen. The fashion season’s old, out of style, shorts and tank tops. There’s nothing like it except all the other 12 months of the year!

I understand that we get to miss out on freezing, harsh weather in the winter but is it really worth it? Part of the holidays is the feeling you get when they come around the corner. Well guess what? We’re about to turn the corner, and it’s still 92*F outside by the time the sun comes up! Nothing says “Happy Holidays” more than pit stains, and sandals!

Though we don’t experience the magnificence of fall, we still are a pretty great state (I guess).



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7 thoughts on “A Fall Rant…

  1. maryh5 (Post author)

    You are correct, however if you wish to wear “trendy” fall clothes you’re just asking to sweat!

  2. Mama J

    I feel you, Mary. I just want to wear some cozy sweaters! This post is so you, especially this – “Streets covered only in acorns, and dead rodents.”

  3. Olivia

    Hello Mary,
    My name is Olivia, I am from Vancouver Island, in Canada.
    I am sorry that your fall has been so bad for you. Here in the winter it mostly rains and doesn’t really snow. I moved here 3 years ago from Alberta, where you get 3 feet of snow so I empathize on your weather troubles. I thought your description of your perfect fall was really excellent. If you want to check my class blog it is hpp://

  4. maryh5 (Post author)

    Hi Olivia,
    Three feet of snow sounds incredible! The closet we have to snow here in Texas is mushy, brown ice that smells weird. I’ve always dreamed of a white winter.


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