December 7


Authors Note:
I chose to write about this topic because I want people to realize that there is always more to someone or something than meets the eye. I used an object that everyone on planet Earth is familiar with because it shows the most basic things have “other sides.” Not only is the moon a familiar subject, it’s also a very mysterious natural phenomenon. I was able to easily spin off the way the moon is portrayed by using its mysterious persona in this piece.

When I was in fifth grade I wrote a poem about “Luna” and remembered the piece as I was brainstorming for this one. I don’t have the poem nor do I remember the exact wording. All I remember is how much I liked it at the time. I think you’ll enjoy this new inspired piece! Here’s Luna…


Up in the night sky
When most are asleep
There is a woman.

A woman freckled with craters,
A woman whose wrinkles run 50 million years deep,
A woman with eight phases.

We see one side of her
The side stomped on by 12 pairs of feet,
The side marked by a singular flag.

If only
We would’ve
Walked a little more

We could have discovered

Her other side

My other side

Luna’s other side.



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