December 14

Our Christmas

It’s no secret that Christmas is my favorite holiday. Between the twinkling lights that engulf whole towns and the holiday carols about merry times; I adore Christmas. The reason that I could give Christmas a hug that lasts an eternity is not the reason you may think. Although the presents and break from school are a pleasant plus, that’s not what I look forward to 364 days out of the year.

What I look forward to is OUR Christmas. My family’s Christmas is definitely unconventional. Our traditions are anything but ordinary. Some would call it special…

The festivities start on Christmas Eve. First you have to wait A-L-L-D-A-Y for the excitement. Around six o’clock my grandparents, parents, brother and sister (and of course me) gather around in the dining room and sit down for dinner. The dinner isn’t filled with any particular foods just nothing resembling the food we will consume on the following night. After our meal, we all pile into a car and head to church. Church usually lasts about a hour and a half. We typically sing hymns and light candles and all that good holiday stuff. After church is one of my favorite parts…Presents!

Ever since I was little I have loved unwrapping presents. So much so that I used to ask if I could unwrap people’s presents for them! As well as receiving I find joy in watching what other people get. I think I like this because it’s exciting to see people’s reactions to different presents. After presents my grandparents head home, and everyone else falls into a sleep.

I usually wake up around noon. ITS CHRISTMAS! Is the only thought that runs through my head. I would like to say that I get up early and help my parents with getting things ready, however I would be lying. What really happens is I sleep in while my parents are the drudges.

Around three o’clock our very close friends, grandparents, and sometimes others join together. We meet at someone’s house and have Christmas linner¬†¬†(lunch-dinner). It’s pretty hard to remember what we do exactly due to the fact that we’re all experiencing a food coma right after. Following dinner we play games, tell stories, and just all around have a good time.

At about twelve o’clock we hunt for a movie playing in theaters. It usually consists of the theme of Christmas (Anchor Man Two, Unbroken, etc…)A.K.A. very Christmas like.

Unfortunately at around two o’clock in the morning it all comes to an end. Everyone goes home content of the past few days. We fall into a deep sleep filled with our Christmas memories, and tuck them under the tree until next year…


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