April 5

My Essay For English

Authors Note*

For the past three weeks we have been working on writing and editing a personal essay for english. The topic was “Write about why it’s important to never give up.” So naturally I wrote about something that inspires me. I tried to work on smooth transitions, details, and an outstanding conclusion that ties back to the begging. Hope you enjoy!


Life is like a sprint filled with hurdles— if you don’t keep forcing your leg up you’ll never make it to the finish line. You’ll win medals if you never give up.
From women fighting for the right to vote to little boys tackling their way through running backs, we’ve all had to jump a few hurdles life has thrown our way. An example of someone who has leaped over is Robert L. Hargett.
Since Rob was in the 9th grade, he knew he wanted to become a lawyer. By the time senior year rolled around, he had already mailed his application and financial aid request halfway across Texas. Three months later, he was telling everyone he knew that he was going to the University of Texas. Thus began the start of his race.
Next thing he knew, he was trading out Plano green for burnt orange and waving away the simple life he had known previously. With college came a financial tornadoe—tuition, utilities, even a bed to sleep in—it sucked, sucked every ounce of hope right from the ground beneath him. Receiving no financial support from his parents or the school, he sought out three jobs, one of them being a janitor, and became a R.A. for the football team. He made it past all of these hurdles by a hair and graduated from U.T. undergrad and U.T. law school.
Today, he’s a Plaintiff’s attorney with his own firm, manages three kids, and is happily married. If he would’ve given up he wouldn’t be an attorney; he wouldn’t have met his wife; and he wouldn’t be my father. As my father discovered, life is a sprint filled with hurdles. Hurdles that must be cleared, a race that must be won, and a life that must be pursued.



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