November 17

Which Way to Turn?

I’m determined to get to my destination… I see the prize in my minds eye, and I want it. Every step leading up to it is crucial. Every time I pound my foot down on the abused floor I could make a flaw. A hundred steps there; a hundred mistakes waiting, ready to pounce.

The task seems simple, however the hallway is a risky place. Hundreds of characters, emotions, and attitudes zooming through on the street known as the 7th grade hall.

Some walk by laughing with friends, however others are in a trance of despair from previous classes. Some in the hall are straight A students, but a good amount of under achievers walk among them. Some of us look forward to the rest of the day, and some of us are counting the minutes until we get to leave this huge jail cell they call West Ridge. Either way we all have a goal.

My goal is to get to my locker. It’s not that I enjoy the beaten up, sad excuse of a bottom locker, but it’s all I have. Plus, the sooner I get my work for the next few classes of the day the sooner I can be free, and frolic in the cafeteria. Clearly it is imperative to get to my destination quickly.

Of course I can’t complete the task at hand; why would I be able to walk fifty feet without an awkward encounter with God knows who? I’m so close to the finish line. Three more steps, two more seconds, one more breathe–SMACK!

Suddenly there is a throbbing pain emerging on the inside of my forehead. The pain is brutal, but nothing is more painful than what had just happened. I had marched right into someone…

I don’t know who I just bulldozed, making it so much more embarrassing. Usually I would try to make out the face, but this is not an usual situation.

It takes five seconds to regain focus. I turn right. I expect to make a swift peel off. To meet my body once again is the unknown being. I turn left, avoiding their eyes. Apparently we were sharing thoughts in the moment, because their body went in the exact same direction as mine. For a good twenty seconds this goes on-left,right,left,right…-I’ve never realized how long twenty seconds lasts. Twenty seconds is a long time.

Eventually I escape the duel. All I could say was a pitiful “sorry.” Making it to my locker I sighed in defeat. Once again the hallway has vanquished me. Once again.