October 20

Should America Celebrate Christopher Columbus?

October 9th is known as Columbus Day. This day is supposed to celebrate Christopher Columbus and the date in which he first stepped foot in the Americas.

When people usually hear the name “Christopher Columbus” they think of the first person who arrived to North America. However this is a false conclusion.

First of all Christopher Columbus wasn’t even the first European to step foot in North American soil. Nearly 500 years before Columbus (1000 A.D.) a band of Vikings established a settlement in the Americas. This group of explorers landed in a place they claimed “Vinland” (present day Newfoundland, Canada).

It is predicted that dating back to 60,000 years ago the first people from Eurasia migrated over on the Baring Straight (a land bridge connecting Eurasia and North America) into the Americas! The latest that people could have migrated over from Eurasia was 12,000 years ago. Both of these dates are way before the band of vikings was recorded to have come over.

To add to all of that, in 1937 Columbus Day was established as a federal holiday. The holiday was meant to celebrate “the man who founded America”. He didn’t though! He landed in the Bahamas and named it San Salvador. San Salvador is in Central America not the United States.

Not only was Columbus falsely titled he also was not a great person…

From his own journal-  “I could conquer the whole of them with fifty men, and govern them as I please.” Referring to the “weak” Native Americans.

He also demanded things from the Natives. Things such as treasure, food, and other personal things. If they refused, he ordered their noses and ears to be cut of as a warning.

Don’t forget he also took 500 Lucayans with him to be sold has slaves, after they rebelled against Columbus and his men.

If America wants to celebrate this date as a holiday we should change the premise behind it. Holidays are meant as a day of celebration. It doesn’t seem very patriotic to celebrate a man of disrespect. A man of no values. A man of prejudice values.

If America truly wants to “celebrate” this holiday, then we as a confederacy should change a few things. For one kids should be taught at a young age who Columbus really was, and how what he did impacted and destroyed tons, and tons, and tons of innocent lives. Secondly a new federal holiday should be passed. This day should celebrate the first Native Americans, and the ones that were impacted by Columbus’s exploration. As Americans we should be grateful for this culture since they were the first to the Americas. The point is not to erase history, however correct it.

After all he’s not just a sailor who traveled in 1492 on the big blue.


October 5

Are There Really 24 Hours in a Day?

Has anyone ever told you that there is 24 hours in a day? Have you ever thought about how much time you actually have? Have you ever explained that there truly isn’t 24 hours in the day?

I have been told by countless teachers all through school that I have enough time in the day to do my work. 24 hours to be exact!
Well the thing is I don’t have 24 hours in a day.

School takes approximately eight hours including my bus ride home.
When I get home it takes me about 30 minutes to use the restroom and have a snack. I need a snack because by the time I get home my lunch from four hours prior has worn of.
After my snack has been vacuumed up I start my homework. My standard homework only takes me about 30 minutes. However every week I have about two to the three quizzes and a test. Studying for all of this can take up to two hours!
On top of all of this, after school activities! Softball takes up two hours on the days I have it.
Don’t forget that I have to eat dinner, shower, and get ready for the next day taking me an average time of a hour and a half.
After all of this I am expected to sleep. Doctors say that a healthy amount of sleep for a thirteen year old is eight hours!

All of this added up is 22 hours and 30 minutes. Leaving me a total of a hour and a half to do whatever it is that said person wants me to do.

There are simply not 24 hours in a day!

September 28

A Fall Rant…


(Disclaimer) if you get offended by rants easily, you should probably never read my blog posts again! You’ve been warned…

Fall is a magical time of the year. Streets covered in reds, browns yellows, and purples. Neighborhoods lined with pumpkins and squash. The fashion seasons newest sweaters and boots waiting in every store window. There’s nothing like it! Well at least for some people…

Here in Austin, TX, fall is nothing but a lie. Streets covered only in acorns, and dead rodents. Neighborhoods lined with regular, green trees and pollen. The fashion season’s old, out of style, shorts and tank tops. There’s nothing like it except all the other 12 months of the year!

I understand that we get to miss out on freezing, harsh weather in the winter but is it really worth it? Part of the holidays is the feeling you get when they come around the corner. Well guess what? We’re about to turn the corner, and it’s still 92*F outside by the time the sun comes up! Nothing says “Happy Holidays” more than pit stains, and sandals!

Though we don’t experience the magnificence of fall, we still are a pretty great state (I guess).