The Election

This topic is defiantly a major one, but I just had to write a post about this. Who’s the one candidate that pops into your head first? It’s the hair master isn’t it. Well Trump defiantly does tend to pull attention toward himself which makes me think that America is becoming more of a business […]

Masks Worded

Mask are worn everywhere on faces and the soul. They can tell a story or hide the truth. They can be a blessing or a burden. Mask are worn by good and evil. Worn by the robber to hide or citizen to stick out. They mask the truth. They show the lies. Every one wears […]

Deserted Ch.2 The Alias

“HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPP!” the man cried out, but the odd thing is that he had a more youthful voice. By his guess he thought he was fourteen maybe thirteen. All he could hear was an echo. “Ouch! Hot very hot.”  Beside the infinite pain on his heel the boy saw something a tiny strip of metal; almost as small as […]

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