Mason,And Fenrir

   Once upon a time there was a brave man by the name of Beowulf that was sent to fight Fenrir and was never seen again. However before he went he put a sword in the ground just in case he never returned. Then everybody was trying to lift the sword but nobody could. Then one day a little boy named Mason was playing with his friends and he saw the sword and with all of his might he pulled and pulled and pulled but it wouldn’t budge.


  A few years later Fenrir was growing strong and somebody needed to take the sword but nobody could and Mason tried over and over but he couldn’t then one day he started seeing flashes of a beast. Scary,Mean, Ugly and he didn’t know how to stop them so he started reading and he figured out that he was seeing a creature called Grendel.


    Then he finally figured it out all he had to do was lift the sword but how so he went back to the sword and pulled and pulled. Then a flash happened again but this was not Grendel it was the hero who died a few years ago this is all he said is don’t try to force the sword just be one with it and with that Mason pulled the sword out.


   He went and told everybody and then he noticed one flaw he has to face Fenrir and he didn’t think he was ready but he had no choice. So off he went to Valhalla and he saw the beast and he went up and gave Fenrir a chance to surrender but he declined and it was a stalemate for a few days and then Mason had remembered what the hero had said be one with the sword so he stabbed Fenrir right in the chest and then he noticed there was a hidden language on the side of his sword and in his reading he heard about this it means trap so he throws the sword up and it sucks valhalla and Fenrir in the sword and then he noticed he was seeing Grendel because Grendel was in the sword to.

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