My First Post

fortnite is the game that most people around the world are playing. I am one of those people, this game caught my attention since the beta and its been my favorite game ever since. The game also has. Playground modes where you can battle your friends, solo where you battle alone, duos where you go in with another teammate, and squads where you can team up with all your friends. Hope you enjoyed.



Home poem

My room, is the place of peace . It makes me  feel safe and relaxed safe and grateful. It makes me feel of a confoartable place to come home after a long day. It tastes of sweet sugary goodness. It looks of a place to relaxe feel safe and be free of others. Most of all it makes me happy.


Adidas ar a huge shoe brand that just recently blooup. This shoe brand got so popular in the past year or two, giving everyone the comfortable and stylish shoes that they deserve. They also include a site where they will let you customize your very own shoe built just for you.

hope you enjoyed

BY, Matthew Silva

The Hunger Games Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games Catching Fire, is really suspenseful becase Katniss and Peeta just found out that they half to go back into the arena. This made the book so much more interesting for me but made me sit on the edge of my chair! It also opened up a whole new world for the characters in the story and the people reading the book. The book also makes so much adre run through your body you. Will start to shiver it is that ineresting. The book has also a strong female and male lead role, as Peeta and Katniss. An in conclusion i hope you enjoyed



Matthew Silva

Lacrosse YouTube blog

This represents me because, I am a huge lacrosse player and I go on tournaments around the USA. It also lacrosse repreasents me because it is my favorite sport and is so fun. I also really love this sport because of all the physical work and time you put in to be good it makes the sport a challenge and more fun. If you would like to learn more go to the site.