Florida trip

I was in the car driving to Grayton, Florida with my family. I was going with my three sibilings ( I have one brother and two sisters)and my dad and  my two cousins and my aunt and uncle they where also going with us. The drive was so long but we where trying not to make that much stops so we would get there quicker. We first went to New Orleans to spend the night so my dad could take a break of driving and so we could all get some sleep. Then we went to our hotel and slept. We woke up the next morning and went to go get breakfast. We went to this breakfast place called cafe du monde it was so delicious the food that we got was called beignets and we got really good coffe too. After that we went to go look around and it was really cool I saw a lot of new things that aren’t where I live. After we wondered around we went back to the hotel and packed up everything. Then got in the car and started to drive to Florida. when we got there we saw are house it was so pretty and nice. In the neighborhood there was a tennis court and two pools and the house came with a golf cart so we always drove to the beach with the golf cart and are dad let us drive it and that was so fun. Everyday we went to the beach and went to go to reastraunts after and we always got icecream or snow cones it was so yummy. On one of the days the boys went fishing and all of us girls went to go swim with dolphins out in the ocean we went on the boat and drove up to the dolphins. We got in the water and they swam up to us it was so close I could almost touch them. One went under us and one almost was trying to rub up against us and that was so a fun experience cause I have never swam with dolphins before and I thought that was awesome. Anyways the trip was so fun and I can’t wait till we go again.

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