I am reading a book called wonder by R.J. Palacio. It is a really good book. It is about is a kid named August ( Auggie )  he has a sister named Olivia and really nice parents. August is ten years old and was born with something called mandibulofacial dysostosis, because of that he has had to get so many surgeries, and he has never gone to school because he would miss so much because of his surgeries. So his mom home schools him but now since most of august surgeries or done and his mom can’t home school him forever his mom wants to take him to school. so he does end up going even know he doesn’t want to go because he knows people are going to make fun of his face but he ends up going. the first days he goes he didn’t have the best day but he did make a friend named summer that sat with him at lunch. and he was also friends with jack will. August ended up liking school because people where starting to be nice to him. Anyways this is a really good book and I definitely recommend it.

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