My Weekend

This 3 day weekend I will be studying. I also missed the chance to buy the Westlake vs LakeTravis’s football tickets and was very sad I really wanted go. But I also heard that it was very exciting because Westlake scored only one touchdown in the fourth quarter. It apparently was very boring because there was only LakeTravis scoring. I also am very excited to go ice skating tomorrow because I have to wake up super early!!! (It’s the same time as when I go to school but it’s the weekend so it feels earlier) I also was supposed to have a filled weekend but all the plans got canceled last minute, so I hope you have a better weekend than I am planning on having 🙁 !!

My Doggie!!!

My dog Ambi went blind about a month and a half ago. Sure, shes just blind but it’s like she is a puppy again. Before she would bite me if I tried to pick her up. But now she has no idea who is picking her up! It’s great because I haven’t gotten bitten since. At the same time it is not so great because she cant see at all.

Because of the fact she can’t see we are back the the baby fazes again. She doesn’t know how to do anything by her self anymore. She can’t walk down or up the stairs she can’t tell us if she needs to go to the bathroom or when she gets hungry. She hasn’t barked in months witch I thought it was the most annoying thing when she did, but I kinda miss it.

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DIY Tumblr Crystals!!!

I have always wanted to make this, but sadly I have never got the chance. It seems super cool,fun, and not time consuming at all. I am planning to try and do this but the last time I did it didn’t go very well (no crystals grew). I did it with sugar instead. It was very embarrassing because it was for the science fair. So this may actually work because there is proof I hope you enjoy!!!


The past month have been the craziest because we started school and I learned all of my dances in one week! It is my second year doing dance team. I made the select team after doing dance team for 1 year which is a new record for the shortest amount of time dancing. I also went on pointe this year and I also was the first who didn’t have to do a year of the training class for going on pointe. I absolutely love it although it feels like someone is chopping off my toes when I do it.