Monthly Archives: October 2014

A Not So Happy Easter

The year I was in 3rd grade on Easter, I sprained my knee. All my neighbors and I were jumping on a trampoline that had a sprinkler underneath it, to make it like we were bouncing in the rain.

I was standing off to the side, against the net because it was really crowded on the trampoline. One of my neighbors was then bouncing right in front of me and next thing I know he slips while jumping and falls right on me, squishing my knee underneath me. It hurt soooo bad, that I didn’t even know it happened.

Next thing I know my mom and dad show up and carry me to our car to go to the ER. I had to sit in the ER for about 3 hours on Easter in pain, so as you can tell Easter was so fun that year!! NOT!


This year for Halloween I am going with a lot of my friends and we are going to wear tutus and black shirts that say our last name on the back. For the tutus we pulled from a hat to get our colors, and we have a partner that has the same color. Then we get ready with our partner and meet up at someones house to go! My color tutu is orange! I can’t wait for Halloween this year, especially to get all the candy I’m gonna get!!

Santa Monica, California

Recently I wrote about my 13th birthday vacation and how I get to go on a trip with my mom for it! When I wrote my last article about it I had no idea where I was going, but on Monday my mom finally told me when and where I was gonna go. Santa Monica, California!

I was overjoyed to hear that I finally get to go to California and I’m going so soon! Tomorrow is when I am leaving (October 10th) to go on this super fun vacation! I can’t wait! My mom and I are flying in tomorrow around noon and than we are going to get checked into our hotel. The hotel is super nice and pretty modern, but the best part about it is that it has a perfect ocean view!! In Santa Monica there is so many things to do! There is a pier with a lot of fun rides and carnival food and it’s in the water on a dock! Santa Monica is also only about 30 mins away from LA so me and mom are planning to go rome the streets in LA, maybe even go celebrity hunting!

My mom and I are going to stay in Santa Monica for 3 days and fly back in on Sunday around 7pm. I can’t wait to see what California has to offer and all the neat things in the town!