Monthly Archives: December 2014

Cheer Competition

This weekend I have a cheer competition in San Antonio. This will be my second competition of the year and I’m really nervous for this one!

I’m especially nervous for this competition because we have added some new elements to our routine. The elements we added are a lot more tricky and I’m not sure we will be able to hit all of them. I’m not sure if we are competing against another team though because my coaches always tell us that it doesn’t matter if we have competition or not cause because we want to do our best no matter what, but it matters to me!! When you have competition it’s a lot more fun because you want to bet the other team and get first!

I really hope we do well at this competition and hit everything in our routine!!


Warm, soft chocolate cookie melting in my mouth. A cool mint taste mixed with chocolate. Right when the chocolate cookies get out the oven, my family and I put Andes mints on top of them. Since the cookie is till warm it melts the mint all around the cookie making it ooz with mint and chocolate.

Hot crackling fire warming my numb toes. The fire radiates all the heat on to my body, making me warm and cozy. The fire starts thawing my rosy cheeks. A crackling sound comes from the fire, making a relaxing noise.

Bright lights twinkling in my Christmas tree making it light up. My tree looks as if there are a thousand stars in it. Glass ornaments are carefully set all around the tree. The tree smells like Christmas time. When you blur your eyes, it looks like a blob of beautiful lights.

Christmas time is the best time of the year!