Spring Break

Usually every year my family and I go to Seaside, Florida for spring break. This year we weren’t planning on going for spring break because it is usually cold so we were just gonna go in the summer, but then my mom really wanted to go spring break too so we are going both!! I am so excited because Seaside is one of my favorite places!

I am going to Seaside with my friends Taylor and Julia and their family’s. We already have a ton of fun activities planned! One thing that we are doing is a bon fire on the beach one night! Another thing we may try to do is go parasailing! I’ve been before one time in South Padre but I never have in Seaside so I’m really excited. I can’t wait for all the fun activities we’re gonna do!

I can’t wait to get to Seaside on Sunday! I’m so glad that we get to go there for summer and spring break cause spring break wouldn’t be the same without going to Seaside!

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