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Compassion- Helen Keller

Helen Keller was a girl that was both blind and deaf, and you could imagine how hard that would be. No one could control her or communicate with her. She was a wild child. Until Anne came along.

Anne had compassion for Helen. She never gave up on her even in the hardest times. She taught her almost everything she knew, starting with words. Anne would do sign language as Helen felt her hands so she could make the same letters with her own hands. Even when Helen would hit Anne and fight with her she never gave up. What made Anne push through all of the struggles was her compassion.

Helen Keller went on to be a big success. She got to go to college, along with Anne who translated all of the lessons to her. If it wasn’t for the compassion of everyone Helen was loved by she would have never been able to achieve all that she did in her life.


The water is cool to the touch, a shiver runs through my body. I’m in the middle of a crystal clear ocean with a tint of blue, surrounded by green, lush mountains.

I sit on the hard, rough, white big board attached to me by the ankle. I hear the waves crashing all around me, creating a peaceful sound. I look over my right shoulder and see a giant wave, towering over my head, coming towards me. I whip my head back towards the shore, nervously. I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

Then I begin to paddle.


Colors make this world a better place. They add brightness, difference and happiness. Everyone takes colors for granted because colors are part of our world and there’s no way we couldn’t have them, but what if we didn’t? What if colors didn’t exist?

In a book we read recently called The Giver by Lois Lowry their community was all about sameness, and to keep that rule everything had to be the same. Meaning everything had to be the same color, so they didn’t have any color. Just imagine a world with no color. Life would be so dull, but of course none of them knew better. If you were to grow up in a community with no color and someone told you about color, wouldn’t the whole concept be a little weird to you? This lack of color made the whole theme of the novel seem pretty sad and dull. It also made it hard to understand the setting of the book because we had no idea what anything really looked like. Same with people, it was hard to imagine what they looked like. A world without color would lack so many things. For one thing it would lack chose. Think of the shirt your wearing right now. You probably like the color of your shirt and that is an opinion. But what if there wasn’t color? You wouldn’t be stuck with the chose of choosing which shirt to buy. That also makes you lack personality. People can really tell about your personality by the clothes you wear. Colors let you show your personality. Without colors our personality wouldn’t be as unique as it is with colors.

Colors are a very important thing in this world. They let us have chose and they show our personality. Without colors the world just wouldn’t be the same, and not in a good way. We shouldn’t take colors for granted, because without colors where would we be today?