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Seaside is one of my favorite places to vacation in the US. The sand on the beach is white as snow, and the water has three different shades of blue. The shade of blue closest to shore is the lightest shade and the shades keep getting darker and darker. My favorite shade is the middle blue.

I love how you can ride your bike every where in Seaside. When you wake up in the morning you can ride to get breakfast without going with your parent, you can just go with your friends. It also makes it super easy to get around the little town without having to walk everywhere.

One of my favorite parts is all the food trucks! There are a lot of food trucks everywhere in Seaside and that is pretty much all we eat in Seaside! They have a snow cone truck called Frost Bites and it’s sooo good! They also have a BBQ truck called Bare Feet and that is really good too!

I can’t wait until I get to visit Seaside again this summer! It’s gonna be so fun!


The Flu

The flu is terrible! It makes you feel like your on the edge of dying! It makes you feel like you haven’t gotten sleep in days but actually you’ve slept the most you have in a while! It’s absolutely terrible but in my eyes the worst part about the flu is all the makeup work!!

This past week my whole family has had the flu. First it started on Monday when both of my sisters got it and my mom was pretty sure she had it too! They both had to stay home Monday and Tuesday and then on Wednesday my little sister thought she was feeling good enough to go but than felt even worse after school so she had to stay home again Thursday! And my big sister has stayed home Monday- Thursday! Now both of my parents have it, so we are just the sickest family in Austin! Thankfully I finally got rid of it in time for my cheer competition this weekend.

Cheer Competition

This weekend I have a cheer competition in San Antonio. This will be my second competition of the year and I’m really nervous for this one!

I’m especially nervous for this competition because we have added some new elements to our routine. The elements we added are a lot more tricky and I’m not sure we will be able to hit all of them. I’m not sure if we are competing against another team though because my coaches always tell us that it doesn’t matter if we have competition or not cause because we want to do our best no matter what, but it matters to me!! When you have competition it’s a lot more fun because you want to bet the other team and get first!

I really hope we do well at this competition and hit everything in our routine!!


Warm, soft chocolate cookie melting in my mouth. A cool mint taste mixed with chocolate. Right when the chocolate cookies get out the oven, my family and I put Andes mints on top of them. Since the cookie is till warm it melts the mint all around the cookie making it ooz with mint and chocolate.

Hot crackling fire warming my numb toes. The fire radiates all the heat on to my body, making me warm and cozy. The fire starts thawing my rosy cheeks. A crackling sound comes from the fire, making a relaxing noise.

Bright lights twinkling in my Christmas tree making it light up. My tree looks as if there are a thousand stars in it. Glass ornaments are carefully set all around the tree. The tree smells like Christmas time. When you blur your eyes, it looks like a blob of beautiful lights.

Christmas time is the best time of the year!


I’m so excited for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I love it because I get to go to my grandparents house and see all of my family. But my favorite part of all is all the food! My grandma always cooks for Thanksgiving and her food is AMAZINGGGG!! My grandpa does the turkey though because my grandma doesn’t like to. We always set up a big buffet of all the food and right before we eat we get in a big circle around the food and bless the food.

This year is gonna be a little different though. In a good way because it is my baby cousins first Thanksgiving! So we will have one more little kid with us this year!

Recently I wrote about making the villages and I cannot wait to make them this week! I bet my grandma is getting all stocked up on candy and icing! I cant wait to do my favorite family traditions!

That is why I love Thanksgiving and can’t wait for it this week!

Christmas Traditions

My family and I have many Christmas traditions. One of my favorite traditions we do is building a village. We build a village that is just like any other usual Christmas village that a family would build, but ours is better.

We usually build ours at Thanksgiving, because we do all of our holidays at my grandparents house, and then we leave it up until Christmas. Instead of using gingerbread to make the houses we use wood. Since we leave up the village for so long, using just gingerbread to build it wouldn’t work for us because it would all melt and fall apart. We smother the wood houses in icing, than add so much candy you wouldn’t believe it! But one of my favorite parts is getting to eat as you go! Once all of the houses are decorated, my grandma gets a giant woad of cotton and puts it all around every decorated house so it looks like snow in a village. We have a lot of fake people and lights and Christmas trees and so much more that we add to our village. The finishing touch is an electric train that we put around the border of the village and we can control it with a remote control! Its super cool and it just tops off our whole village!

I love this family tradition and I will definitely carry it on!


I close my eyes.

I can feel the cool salt water hit my feet, but than rush back down, repeating the cycle over and over again. The more I stay still the further my feet sink into the sand. Further and further. The next wave comes making a relaxing, smooth sound. Cooling my body, giving me a chill that travels up my spine and gives me a shiver. The taste of the salty air. The feel of the light breeze, but also the sun slightly hitting my shoulders. I know I’m gonna get a tan. I decide to run into the cold, crisp, salty water to wash off all the sand on me. The cold water shocks me to life, making me shoot up from the water.

I open my eyes.

I see a giant thick packet, laying in front of me on a wooden desk. The packet has jumbled up equations and numbers, all over it. I’m back in Austin, taking my test.

A Not So Happy Easter

The year I was in 3rd grade on Easter, I sprained my knee. All my neighbors and I were jumping on a trampoline that had a sprinkler underneath it, to make it like we were bouncing in the rain.

I was standing off to the side, against the net because it was really crowded on the trampoline. One of my neighbors was then bouncing right in front of me and next thing I know he slips while jumping and falls right on me, squishing my knee underneath me. It hurt soooo bad, that I didn’t even know it happened.

Next thing I know my mom and dad show up and carry me to our car to go to the ER. I had to sit in the ER for about 3 hours on Easter in pain, so as you can tell Easter was so fun that year!! NOT!


This year for Halloween I am going with a lot of my friends and we are going to wear tutus and black shirts that say our last name on the back. For the tutus we pulled from a hat to get our colors, and we have a partner that has the same color. Then we get ready with our partner and meet up at someones house to go! My color tutu is orange! I can’t wait for Halloween this year, especially to get all the candy I’m gonna get!!

Santa Monica, California

Recently I wrote about my 13th birthday vacation and how I get to go on a trip with my mom for it! When I wrote my last article about it I had no idea where I was going, but on Monday my mom finally told me when and where I was gonna go. Santa Monica, California!

I was overjoyed to hear that I finally get to go to California and I’m going so soon! Tomorrow is when I am leaving (October 10th) to go on this super fun vacation! I can’t wait! My mom and I are flying in tomorrow around noon and than we are going to get checked into our hotel. The hotel is super nice and pretty modern, but the best part about it is that it has a perfect ocean view!! In Santa Monica there is so many things to do! There is a pier with a lot of fun rides and carnival food and it’s in the water on a dock! Santa Monica is also only about 30 mins away from LA so me and mom are planning to go rome the streets in LA, maybe even go celebrity hunting!

My mom and I are going to stay in Santa Monica for 3 days and fly back in on Sunday around 7pm. I can’t wait to see what California has to offer and all the neat things in the town!