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Atlanta, Georgia

Not this weekend but the next I’m going to Atlanta for a cheer competition. I’m really nervous for my cheer competition! I hope that my team does really well especially because we have a lot of new stunts. We are competing against four other teams and my coaches said that if we hit a zero deduction routine we will probably win because our raw score is so high. I know that all of this is probably a different language to y’all because cheer talk is almost gibberish. I’m not just scared about competing, but I’m also scared of Atlanta!

I heard that Atlanta is really sketchy and scary! At first when I heard we were going to Atlanta I was super excited cause I thought it was like Atlantis but then shortly after I figured out they are pretty much opposites. My mom looked really concerned that I was overjoyed about going to Atlanta.

I’m still very excited about going to hang out with my friends and I bet it’s not as bad as my mom plays it off as!I hope that my team does super well and that we hit 0!