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Warm, soft chocolate cookie melting in my mouth. A cool mint taste mixed with chocolate. Right when the chocolate cookies get out the oven, my family and I put Andes mints on top of them. Since the cookie is till warm it melts the mint all around the cookie making it ooz with mint and chocolate.

Hot crackling fire warming my numb toes. The fire radiates all the heat on to my body, making me warm and cozy. The fire starts thawing my rosy cheeks. A crackling sound comes from the fire, making a relaxing noise.

Bright lights twinkling in my Christmas tree making it light up. My tree looks as if there are a thousand stars in it. Glass ornaments are carefully set all around the tree. The tree smells like Christmas time. When you blur your eyes, it looks like a blob of beautiful lights.

Christmas time is the best time of the year!

Christmas Traditions

My family and I have many Christmas traditions. One of my favorite traditions we do is building a village. We build a village that is just like any other usual Christmas village that a family would build, but ours is better.

We usually build ours at Thanksgiving, because we do all of our holidays at my grandparents house, and then we leave it up until Christmas. Instead of using gingerbread to make the houses we use wood. Since we leave up the village for so long, using just gingerbread to build it wouldn’t work for us because it would all melt and fall apart. We smother the wood houses in icing, than add so much candy you wouldn’t believe it! But one of my favorite parts is getting to eat as you go! Once all of the houses are decorated, my grandma gets a giant woad of cotton and puts it all around every decorated house so it looks like snow in a village. We have a lot of fake people and lights and Christmas trees and so much more that we add to our village. The finishing touch is an electric train that we put around the border of the village and we can control it with a remote control! Its super cool and it just tops off our whole village!

I love this family tradition and I will definitely carry it on!