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Compassion- Helen Keller

Helen Keller was a girl that was both blind and deaf, and you could imagine how hard that would be. No one could control her or communicate with her. She was a wild child. Until Anne came along.

Anne had compassion for Helen. She never gave up on her even in the hardest times. She taught her almost everything she knew, starting with words. Anne would do sign language as Helen felt her hands so she could make the same letters with her own hands. Even when Helen would hit Anne and fight with her she never gave up. What made Anne push through all of the struggles was her compassion.

Helen Keller went on to be a big success. She got to go to college, along with Anne who translated all of the lessons to her. If it wasn’t for the compassion of everyone Helen was loved by she would have never been able to achieve all that she did in her life.