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Expository- Cheer

Cheer competitions are one of my favorites things. Bright lights, loud music, enthusiastic crowd- all the things that make a cheer competition what it is.

The lights at a cheer competition make it all the more scary. They are so bright that you can only see the floor you are on and not anyone in the audience. The spotlight is on you and your team and it can be intimidating but it’s super fun at the same time! The bright lights aren’t the only thing though! You have to have glaring music to even call it a cheer competition!

The music is so loud it makes your ears ring. They have to make it loud enough for the audience to hear which makes it SOOO loud for you. You think that your ears may fall of cause of how loud it is but the always stay on! I haven’t lost an ear yet!! But the thing that gets me the most pumped is the screaming audience.

At cheer competitions the audience screams so loud that I know all of their throats are sore after! It really encourages you to do even better and push through the routine.

These are all the things that make a cheer competition what it is! If it weren’t for the bright lights, loud music and enthusiastic crowd I wouldn’t even call it a cheer competition.