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7th Grade

This year, 7th grade was a struggle. Last year was so much easier! This year we had so many more quizzes and tests and a whole lot more homework! I just can’t wait to be an 8th grader.

This year I did learn a lot though! I learned more than I expected to, but with learning all that stuff and being tested on it was very stressful! I feel like I was stressed this whole year at every second, and I never really had time to do what I wanted to do after school. But one good thing is that I didn’t have as much drama as I thought I would this year! Before I went into 7th grade everyone was telling me how much drama I was going to have, but surprisingly my friends and I didn’t have that much drama! Another thing that I enjoyed was not being the babies of the school. I felt so small and pathetic last year. Those are about the only good things out of 7th grade. Other than that one word I would use to describe 7th grade would be stressful.

I just can’t wait to be the oldest at the school next year and I really can’t wait for summer to come so I can have a three month break!!