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Atlanta, Georgia

Not this weekend but the next I’m going to Atlanta for a cheer competition. I’m really nervous for my cheer competition! I hope that my team does really well especially because we have a lot of new stunts. We are competing against four other teams and my coaches said that if we hit a zero deduction routine we will probably win because our raw score is so high. I know that all of this is probably a different language to y’all because cheer talk is almost gibberish. I’m not just scared about competing, but I’m also scared of Atlanta!

I heard that Atlanta is really sketchy and scary! At first when I heard we were going to Atlanta I was super excited cause I thought it was like Atlantis but then shortly after I figured out they are pretty much opposites. My mom looked really concerned that I was overjoyed about going to Atlanta.

I’m still very excited about going to hang out with my friends and I bet it’s not as bad as my mom plays it off as!I hope that my team does super well and that we hit 0!


Seaside is one of my favorite places to vacation in the US. The sand on the beach is white as snow, and the water has three different shades of blue. The shade of blue closest to shore is the lightest shade and the shades keep getting darker and darker. My favorite shade is the middle blue.

I love how you can ride your bike every where in Seaside. When you wake up in the morning you can ride to get breakfast without going with your parent, you can just go with your friends. It also makes it super easy to get around the little town without having to walk everywhere.

One of my favorite parts is all the food trucks! There are a lot of food trucks everywhere in Seaside and that is pretty much all we eat in Seaside! They have a snow cone truck called Frost Bites and it’s sooo good! They also have a BBQ truck called Bare Feet and that is really good too!

I can’t wait until I get to visit Seaside again this summer! It’s gonna be so fun!