Advice for Future 6th Graders

For all you fifth graders out there bout to become middle schoolers, there are defidentally many things you will need to know.
~The lunch tables are always jammed packed, and it can be hard to get a seat. Everyone wants to sit with everyone, and that’s why you need a buddy. If the table gets too full and there’s no space for you at all, you and your buddy will have each other. Being a loner with a buddy is always better!
~The sixth graders always get the tiny, crammed locker room with no space. It always smells like BO is very stuffy and hot. Shower if you want, but go change in the bigger locker room with mirrors when your done so you won’t be crowded.
~There are some survival supplies that you will for sure need. Always, always bring a water bottle, it’s 50x better than the water fountain water. People will ask to water fall so say you have a head cold and they will go away. Headphones, in your life of becoming a teen music starts becoming a everyday need. Make sure you have a great playlist and headphones to jam out. Last and most important FOOD! Always make sure you have a snack or two, and almost every teacher lets you eat in there classroom.
~You have to choose one of the options, and trust me I have opinions. I recommend choir because there is no homework or practicing plus it’s actually pretty fun! Band and orchestra, those are hard to do because you have homework which means dragging your heavy instrument home everyday. Even worse, having to bring it on the bus.
~The first school dance can be cool, but after that no one really comes to them any more. It’s not slow dancing it’s more hip dancing. Make sure to wear shorts a short sleeve shirt and lots of deodorant!

We hope these tip help you,become I prepared 6th grader interning the changes in your life!

Westridge Golf

This year I have participated  in volleyball,basketball,track, cross country,and right now I’m playing golf! I have never played before, unless you count TopGolf or Putt Putt. My grandfather on the other hand played in the masters Rik Massengale.

My first tournament I knew nothing, and it was pretty bad. The rule is if you don’t make it in the hole after 8 strokes, you pick your ball and move on. And also because this is middle school golf we only play 9 holes. Having no idea what club to use but seeing that everyone teed off with the big one, we started. I totally missed the ball and I was at 6 strokes by the time I made contact.

Every mom came and just laughed at me, but me being me said whatever and kept trying. I bet you’re hoping this story ends well but it isn’t. I ended up with an amazing score of 72! If you are like me and know nothing, I never made it in and got the worst score. Never the less I love golf, and love playing it I just suck at it.  And at my last tournament I got 70, so I actually made one in on a par 3 with 6 hits. If I keep increasing by two every tournament i’ll be happy!


She had blue skin.
And so did he.
He kept it hid
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by—
And never knew.

–Shel Silverstein

I love this poem because I think It’s about being yourself. My mom would always read it to me, Just a reminder to be who you are! I love how this poem flows, and find a new meaning every time I reread it.


Photo from Pixabay

5 Things to Kick Off Your Bucket List in ATX!


Austin is a wonderful city, and there is so much to do. Austin is a very diverse city, so there are fun things for everyone. So here are some great places if your 5 or 82!


Barton Creek

This is the creek that no matter where you go, it’s in someone’s back yard! The creek is not only a cool swimming hole, it’s a fishing, rafting or secret meeting spot.  If you cannot find this creek (witch probably won’t happen) Just come on down to Barton Springs. A public swimming hole that Barton Creek flows right through!





This is a little strip in downtown Austin. Filled with cute little boutiques, candy stores  and a lot more. If anyone is talking about a cool shop, you are for sure to find it on South Congress.




Austin Rodeo

The Austin rodeo isn’t a normal rodeo. If you wanted a crazy, weird and country rodeo this is where you should be.  All the way through the month of March.


Graffiti Park

If you are good with a graffiti can, this is where you should be. It’s a bunch of old buildings free to be spray painted. Or you could go there to take picture os the art, with friends or family.

all photos from pixabay


The Zombie Apocalypse

Some people believe in it others don’t. I know it’s gonna happen, and when it happens I’ll be ready. The zombie apocalypse is coming, very soon.

Lots of signs have been happening, at school at home and everywhere. The lights have been flickering, which means our little society could be collapsing. Even if the zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen, our country is standing on such little ground. Say the American power source goes dead, and all stores close down. People would start breaking into stores, taking what they want. After a week or two later, families will start running out of food. It won’t be long before that neighbor starts stealing from that neighbor. Then trying to defend their food, killing that neighbor. The zombie apocalypse would almost be a better situation.

If the apocalypse does happen in this lifetime, I’ll be alive. My family and I have a plan. My dad would come grab all of us, and get down too our ranch. Food won’t be a problem we would live off the land. We have houses, and reasonable resources down there. We also have a working well. And enough guns to kill a lot, a lot of zombies. After a year or so, if the zombie population has died down; we’d come Back home. Not to stay, but to try to find friends that have survived.

This may sound crazy, but is most likely to happen. And when it does, I’m not going die. I’m going to be here to the end will you be?

Number 40

As sad as it is, basketball season is coming to a close. The lady Wildcats A team have played very well. We finished only losing to Dripping Springs, and Hill country once. This week we take on Hudson Bend.

Hudson Bend lost to us every time we have played them. They did beat Hill Country last week, so we better be ready. We have came very close to winning our tournaments. The first tournament we played, we got to the championship. It was the Wildcats and guess who else, Hill Country. We played hard, only losing buy one point. So we took 2 ( The first to lose in my book) but it was fun. After that we went to our second tournament. Beating every team, we walked up to play Benhold. And standing there sweet number 40.

I had walked by her many times. Probably stood behind her in the snack line. I probably even went to the bathroom, and she was in the other stall. Getting ready to play, I watched the 67 year old man coach them. The game starts, we win tip and score. We got this in the bag I say. I look over to see number 40 shaking the ball, but Adelyn was one the other side. Number 40 was pushing, cussing, and punching the rest of the game.

The game was very close, only losing by two points. I was done with her, I got subbed in and it was game time. I heard her say I was ugly a couple times, before I got the ball. It was a fast break, I sprinted. I had done it so many times to where my body, just took over. I look up to see number 40 under the basket. Except I didn’t stop I keep going. Next thing I know I’m on her shoulders and score has gone up. After I push her down, I Look down and flip my hair and go “ha ha whoops I’m sorry, your bad.” And walked away, not believing what happened. Her come back was great but if I said it this blog post wouldn’t probably publish.

We still lost, but boy I can’t wait till our select team plays them. Cause I still got some unfinished business with number 40.

What Happened before Christine

Hidden, deep below the opera house, stood the Phantom’s lair. The lair wasn’t apart of the opera house, the opera house was apart of the lair. Step after step all the way down, to nothing.

A train of 20,000 steps,hidden on the wall a red door. Once you have entered, your greeted by a lagoon. The trees around the lake we’re dead, with candles on each branch. Once you reach the other side, the floor is being eaten by red carpet. Every so often a stage rope was hanging, grasping onto a body.

Down a dark hallway, covered with picture frames. Except each picture was replaced, by a mirror. Then you enter through a doorway, covered with red roses. The walls were covered with old backdrops. One was a little café in Paris, but no people were there. In the center of the room, a table. And the only thing on it, was a little monkey music box. After that a throne, with a black leather blanket. A tall coat hanger filled with masks. And drawings, tons of drawings of masquerade balls.

“Dad,” I say
“Her father just died.”
“Perfect,” he says. “We must act fast.”
“Hand me the paper titled, Music of The Night.”
“Dad, what happened to the last girl?”
“Do you see this jar?”
“Her voice is in here.”
“Soon we will be free, just a couple more voices.”
“Okay dad, I love you.”
“Love you too.”


So, this year I took a vow that I would try anything sports related. I love, love, basketball more than any other sport. So, I was going to play that one for sure. The first sport that came up was volleyball. I tried out for it and made it. Then, the deadliest sport ever took it’s turn in the spotlight… cross country.

My best friend pulled me and shoved me to the sign up sheet. What a nice man I thought when I saw the coach. I was so innocent and clueless for the beating that awaited. Everyday, at 7:00am on the dot running, running and more running. The meets were not any better 2 miles down paths with girls pushing there way to the front. The weather channel reading 106 degrees your mouth turned into the Sahara desert. When you tried to swallow it felt like you were eating a golf ball.

If your smart take my advice kids; NEVER do cross country. Mcfarland the movie is a complete lie!!!

God is > than the ups & downs!

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