Softball hit

I was going up to bat and I felt the pressure of hitting the ball for the winning run and it was an almosted tied game they were beating us by 1 point and there we 3 girls on the bases and I could hear the people in the stands yelling my name.

The picher, pitches the ball and I get ready but I don’t swing so I think in my head, don’t call strike, don’t call strike. And he called ball! I was happy and I waited for the next pitch. She Pitched the ball and as i saw it leave her hand I knew that, that was the pitch I swung the bat and I hit, I hit the ball all the way to deep in center field and all the girls came  in. Then the umpire called ball game and we won.

Beautiful Beach’s

Up on the shore                                                                                                  of the big blue sea                                                                                            I was standing there                                                                                             ready to jump on in.


I waited till everyone                                                                                         was ready to go, and as                                                                                       soon as I could  I jumped                                                                                   on in and I felt comfortable and relaxed.

Cruse to Alaska

I just got back from a cruise to Alska. I loved it and it was something I was not used to. I usually got to cruses to like the bahamas or Jamaica where it’s kinda hot. This time I went to alska and it was cold! I had to wear a jacket in the summer. It’s something I’m not used to but it was fun! I went with almost my entire famliy, there were like 17 people from my family. I got to see a glacier it was amazing some huge pieces of of ice fell off it was so cool!


I recently started playing volleyball and I already love playing it. I started playing at the beginning of the school year, I tried out for the team and I didn’t know how to play so I was scared that I wasn’t gonna make the team. I tried my hardest and I made the team so now I get to have fun playing everyday befor school.



I am reading echo by: Pam Muñoz Ryan. In this book he main character Friedrich and his father are living in trossingn Germany and they are living in the time where hitler is the ruler. So every one has to follow him and listen to every thing he says, but now they want to move out of the country to get away from him to stop listening to his rules. But friedrich does not want to move because he has an orchestra concert coming up but he will not be able to go if he moves. I would suggest this book if you like to read fiction books.

Softball pitchers

If you want to learn more go to this site.

This video is about softball and I love to play. I pitch like the girls in the video and so now I know how good I can become if I keep practicing. I hope that I will stick with this sport and that I will keep getting better.