First Post

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I believe that dress code is not appropriate for the circumstances that we are in! Everyone has different bodies so some shorts may look to short, but they are essential in the summer. Shoulders are a body part that looks like a potato so I do not understand why that is inappropriate to show.

Outward Blonde

The book Outward Blonde is written by Trish Cook who is the author of 4 YA novels. The book is about a girl named Lizzie she was born into a normal family with a Mom and Dad but, soon later Lizzie’s Dad left her mom to move to Africa. Lizzie’s my was not doing to well mental state wise so you could say Lizzie’s teen years and childhood didn’t have much supervision. One night Lizzie was going to go on a date which took a little bit of a twist which got her in some trouble with the law so, she had a few punishments which led to her being sent to Camp Smiely. Camp smiely is a camp for teens to get their life back on track but all Lizzie could think of and try to do while she was there was escape. She made a few friends there who also had some trouble with the law which was not going great for them…..