This last week I was FaceTiming my friend, Sachi, and I found my old yearbooks. She looked for hers and found them and we spent 2 hours looking back at us and our friends without even knowing it.

It was really fun and it felt really good when we were looking back and reliving old memories. We told each other about old teachers and old friends that we don’t see much anymore. We also started talking about old things that we’ve read or watched on TV like “The Wonder Pets” (comment if you remember), “Junie B. Jones” (Comment!!), and “The Magic Tree House”(COMMENT!!!).

My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Ms.Schumann, (follow her on instagram @pandaschu). She is a Westlake girl and she was on Highline. She is very young and awesomesauce. On the last days of school I can distinctly remember that there was 2 girls crying and at least half the class was on the verge of tears(including me). I still miss her and hope to see her again soon.

I had 2 friends that both moved to San Diego and I haven’t seen them in forever(It makes me think that there is a secret club or something there). They were both my best friends and I had always talked with them. I still have other friends now, but I don’t think that I will forget them.


Comment below if you remember something!!

My Fanfiction

I just recently started writing a fanfiction about Percy Jackson. It’s set after the giant war and it’s a betrayal story. Annabeth betrays Percy by cheating on him with his half-brother. Now, before you get mad at me, let me tell you that I  LOVE Percabeth, I would never want them to break up in the real story, but in the fanfiction it would be better if they broke up. Percy will most likely be with Thalia, but I would love if you guys gave me suggestions!

The whole plot of the story is basically this: Percy gets betrayed by Annabeth and now his only friends are Nico and Thalia; they all run away from Camp Half-Blood because they hate all the campers. When they are about to die, Chaos rescues them and they become amazing fighters. Then, 500 years later they have to go back to earth and help the gods against a enemy(I don’t know who yet) and they still don’t like them and they go back to the chaos realm, but that’s all I know right now.

The story is called betrayed and I would love if you would read it(when I publish it).

SSEP (Student Spaceflight Experiments Program)

This whole week in GT I was working with my group, on something called SSEP. We have to come up with an experiment that can take place in microgravity (space), on the ISS, and in this tiny thing called and FME.

First we write a 6 page proposal, which basically says, why this experiment is important and tells the astronauts what to do. Then, we make a board for our proposal which displays the proposal (kind of like a science fair), and we present that to the judges at science night. Finally if our project is picked then they send it on a shuttle to go to the ISS.

Our question was: How will microgravity affect the process of fermentation of a cucumber versus on fermentation on Earth?  We are using a type 2 FME (which means that we have 2 compartments for stuff) and one compartment will have the cucumber sliver and the other will have the salt brine (salt and water).

I have been so stressed out for the past week, because my group had not even gotten halfway done with the proposal and it was due the next day! We finished the proposal on the day it was due, now for this week we have to make our poster board.

This is what we are using.

This is what we are using